Mit Kotak


Hiya ! I am a graduate student in MIT CSE working with Tess Smidt (Go Atomic Architects !). I am hoping to bring a systems perspective to the geometric deep learning community.

I did my undegrad in Engineering Physics at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign where I was involved in numerical relativity, scientific computing and HPC middlewares. In addition to research, I also worked as an Undegraduate Research Ambassador for the Office of Undergraduate Research.

CV: here

Statment of Purpose: here

Research Projects

Efficiently executing data flow graphs on GPUs

Prof. Andreas Klöckner at Center for Exascale-enabled Design

3D Visualizations of Astrophysics Simulations

Prof. Stuart Shapiro at Illinois Relativity Group

  • What happens when Black Holes collide ? (Brochure publication)
    Mit Kotak, Eric Yu, Jinghan Huang, Jing Zhou, Milton Ruiz, Antonios Tsokaros, Lunan Sun, Stuart L. Shapiro
    Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation 2023 Brochure, Page 14
    Available here
    Visualization here
    Department Post here

  • 3D Visualizations of Black Hole Binaries and Disks in Full General Relativity (Grant Progress Report)
    Mit Kotak
    Available here

HPC Middlewares for Geospatial Computing

Prof. Anand Padmanabhan at CyberGIS Center for Advanced Digital and Spatial Studies

  • Localizing CyberGIS-Compute through Containers (In-progress Abstract)
    Mit Kotak, Zimo Xiao
    Available here

High Performance Computing for Neutron Stars

Prof. Antonios Tsokaros at National Center for Supercomputing Center

  • 2022-2023 Proposal
    Mit Kotak, Antonios Tsokaros
    Available here